Top digital marketing strategies

5 best 5 marketing strategies that will help you build client engagement even before their first visit.

A recent article from Entrepreneur describes five tactics, most based in digital marketing best practices, that providers can employ to strengthen patient engagement from the very first Google search:


1. Establish a strong website and SEO presence

2. Be active on social media

3. Create cost-effective paid advertising campaigns

4. Invest in mobile marketing

5. Adopt all-in-one portal solutions


As the article notes, “Today’s clients are consumers, and they demand exceptional experiences.” These strategies will not only keep providers competitive, but also attract and retain new patients even as demands change.


Park, A. (2019). 5 digital marketing strategies to build patient engagement before the 1st visit: Well before a patient ever steps foot in a healthcare provider’s office, they begin building a relationship with their new provider based largely on online research.. [online] Available at: [Accessed 23 Oct. 2019].